CLEANING – Cleaning your masonry walls is a cost effective way to bring new life into an old building.

CAULKING – Deteriorated or improperly installed joint sealants allow heat and energy to escape your building. Replacing old worn out joints is a cost effective way to increase the energy efficiency of your building.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION – Only a mason with a high mastery of their equipment and materials can be trusted to complete such delicate and important work.

LINTEL REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT– Proper maintenance and care for your steel and masonry lintels is crucial to guaranteeing the structural integrity of the wall above.

CONCRETE REPAIR – Concrete repairs can be a quick and cost effective alternative to replacement. If done by an experienced mason with the right tools, concrete repair can effectively extend the life and integrity of your concrete.

PARAPET REPAIR – A defective parapet is dangerous. Ensuring that your parapets are anchored and built correctly is critical.