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At Arch Masonry & Restoration our employees come first.  We offer more than just a job with a paycheck.  We offer a rewarding career in a challenging environment.  We strive to creative a positive working environment where you can learn and grow your career.  Our full-time employee benefits include:

  • Safe Workplace
  • Healthcare
  • 401K
  • Incentives
  • Steady Work
  • Training and Advancement
  • Life Insurance

Do you have what it takes to work with us? We are looking for people who are reliable, willing to learn and want to be part of a team.  Resumes are helpful but not required to be considered for employment. Arch Masonry & Restoration is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against applicants due to race, ethnicity, gender, veteran status, or on the basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

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Avg. RateLaborerSkilled LaborerApprenticeConcrete FinisherBricklayerSupervisor
Total$27.22/Hr ($54,440 annually)$30.61/Hr ($61,224 annually)$28.07/Hr ($56,140 annually)$35.85/Hr ($71,700 annually)$35.85/Hr ($71,700 annually)$45.41/Hr ($90,820 annually)
Avg. Base Rate$21/Hr ($42,000 annually)$24/Hr ($48,000 annually)$22/Hr ($44,000 annually)$29/Hr ($58,000 annually)$29/Hr ($58,000 annually)$34/Hr ($68,000 annually)
Healthcare$3.56/Hr ($7,120 annually)$3.56/Hr ($7,120 annually)$3.56/Hr ($7,120 annually)$3.56/Hr ($7,120 annually)$3.56/Hr ($7,120 annually)$3.56/Hr ($7,120 annually)
Life Insurance$0.18/Hr ($360.00 annually)$0.18/Hr ($360.00 annually)$0.18/Hr ($360.00 annually)$0.18/Hr ($360.00 annually)$0.18/Hr ($360.00 annually)$0.18/Hr ($360.00 annually)
Paid Time Off$0.53/Hr ($1,064 annually)$0.67/Hr ($1,344 annually)$0.48/Hr ($952 annually)$0.76/Hr ($1,512 annually)$0.76/Hr ($1,512 annually)$0.87/Hr ($1,736 annually)
Retirement$0.95/Hr ($1,900 annually)$1.20/Hr ($2,400 annually)$0.85/Hr ($1,700 annually$1.35/Hr ($2,700 annually)$1.35/Hr ($2,700 annually)$1.55/Hr ($3,100 annually)
Bonus$1.00/Hr ($2,000 annually)$1.00/Hr ($2,000 annually)$1.00/Hr ($2,000 annually)$1.00/Hr ($2,000 annually)$1.00/Hr ($2,000 annually)$5.25/Hr ($10,500 annually)

Our permanent new hire goes through a temp service.  After 90 days, we do an evaluation and upper management will make a determination.