Pittsburgh Masonry Restoration

Arch Masonry provides the Pittsburgh area with restoration services including cleaning, historic preservation, lintel repair, concrete repair, and parapet repair.

In early 2014, Arch Masonry was contacted by a home owner asking about cleaning his hundred year old house. The Morewood Restoration Cleaning job presented an interesting challenge to Arch Masonry and our restoration crew.

We knew that we had to clean and point the house without compromising any of it’s original features. Arch Masonry and our employees were able to completely restore this beautiful house to its original glory.

Arch Masonry was contracted to restore the bell tower of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary to its original state. The bell tower presented Arch Masonry with a number of interesting problems.

There was a large amount of deterioration and corrosion due to years of exposure to the elements.

Arch Masonry was able to build a tower of scaffold around the bell tower, from which they could safely conduct their delicate restoration operation.

Arch Masonry has gained a reputation as a masonry restoration leader in the Pittsburgh area. With the knowledge and skill required to clean and restore buildings such as the new Lofts on Mt. Washington, Arch Masonry will continue to lead the way in masonry restoration for years to come.

Arch Masonry was charged with the difficult task of restoring the Brass Building in Pittsburgh. The building was unoccupied for years and had fallen into disrepair. Graffiti littered the walls at the ground floor and years of dirt of carbon pollution stained the upper floors. Utilizing extensive knowledge and expertise, the restoration team at Arch Masonry was able to completely remove years of built up paint and dirt, restoring the building to its previous beauty.



Cleaning your masonry walls is a cost effective way to bring new life into an old building.



Deteriorated or improperly installed joint sealants allow heat and energy to escape your building. Replacing old worn out joints is a cost effective way to increase the energy efficiency of your building.



Only a mason with a high mastery of their equipment and materials can be trusted to complete such delicate and important work.



Proper maintenance and care for your steel and masonry lintels is crucial to guaranteeing the structural integrity of the wall above.



Concrete repairs can be a quick and cost effective alternative to replacement. If done by an experienced mason with the right tools, concrete repair can effectively extend the life and integrity of your concrete



A defective parapet is dangerous. Ensuring that your parapets are anchored and built correctly is critical.